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Come celebrate the 2023 MMGM Heritage Award winner

Cliff E. Trebilcock

at the New England Mineral Associations’
New England Mineral Conference

Friday May 19th
 Grand Summit Hotel, Newry, Maine

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Cliff in a smoky quartz pocket he found in 1996 on North Percy Peak, Stratford, NH picture taken in 2010

Prominent Maine field collector Clifford E. Trebilcock was selected to receive the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum’s 2023 Heritage Award, which is a lifetime achievement award recognizing those who have made significant contributions to Maine mineralogy. Trebilcock is a lifelong field collector who is especially respected for his intimate knowledge of the Topsham pegmatite field. Trebilcock was a youngster when he made a find of world-class uraninite crystals at a feldspar quarry now known as the Trebilcock quarry. Uraninite is a principal ore of uranium, the basis of the nuclear industry. Uraninite typically occurs as crude black crystals with a dull luster that are rare world-wide. In contrast, Trebilcock quarry uraninite crystals are sharp, lustrous and can reach 2 centimeters on an edge. The find remained a family secret until the horde of crystals was sold in the late 1970s.
Trebilcock has collected extensively in the Topsham quarries and also in the better-known pegmatites of western Maine. He has enjoyed particular success at the rose quartz crystal locality in Newry and the Deer Hill amethyst occurrence in Stow.
Trebilcock specimens now grace many private and institutional collections.

Uraninite crystals found in 1995

Deer Hill Amethyst found in 1968

Cliff at Trebilcock Uraninite locality Topsham, Me. in 2009.





Maine Mineral & Gem Museum’s Mineralogical Heritage Awards celebrate the sciences and arts integral to its mission: to communicate the significance of minerals in our lives, our planet and beyond.

Honorees demonstrate advanced application and significant influence on the science and processes inherent in mining, collecting, crafting, educating and communicating the relevance of minerals. 

MMGM  Heritage Awards will be presented  during the the New England Mineral Conference (NEMC).


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