Searching for life elsewhere – are we alone?

Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine, Portland | March 22, 2018 7:00PM

Is there life elsewhere? Why are we here? We’ve searched for answers to these questions since humankind became sufficiently intelligent to pose them. Tremendous progress has been made understanding how our own solar system formed and we’re closer than ever before at answering the question—are we alone? Scientists know why Earth is habitable and we now have evidence that within our universe there are billions of other habitable planets. However, we still do not know if life exist or is possibly even common on other habitable planets.

Dr. Henning Haack, Research Associate for the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum will talk about both topics and there will be an opportunity to have a close look at some of the meteorites that have made it possible to reconstruct the origin of our solar system. He will also talk about the search for life on Mars and in other solar systems in our Galaxy. The current prediction is if life is common in the Universe, we will discover it within the next ten years. This would be the biggest discovery of all time and forever change the way we look at ourselves.

Refreshments will be served and admission is by donation.