Special Exhibit: Tourmaline Turns 200

Maine Mineral & Gem Museum | December 10 - June 1 | 10:00am - 5:00pm


Tourmaline Turns 200 commemorates the bicentennial of the discovery of the Maine state mineral, tourmaline, in the fall of 1820. Tourmaline (elbaite) is now known from more than 60 locations in Maine and gems have been faceted from at least a dozen of them.
The  exhibition combines specimens showing the range of colors, forms, species, and occurrences of Maine tourmaline with items from MMGM’s archival and library collections. 

A special thank you to Gary and Mary Freeman, Duane Leavitt, Jeff Morrison,
Adrian Wodsworth and Joey Martin for loaning specimens from their collections to help us celebrate this special occasion. 

Tourmaline Turns 200 art work by Mali Welch at  All Over It and available for purchase here.

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