The Big 12 Artists

The Big Find: A Legend Continues Artists

Gerardo Gonzelez 

“My work explores the relationship between mechanical/kinetic mechanisms, certain human motions and the human responsiveness to rings. As used for their respective function, the mechanisms I use operate under human power (human hand) to complete the content of each piece.”


Erik Stewart

Erik’s design concepts stem from vivid imagery inspired by music, visual and performing arts (wife is a dancer), food, travel and playing with his two children. His strong affinity for geometry within nature, minimalistic elegance, and transforming complexity into simplicity are significant motifs in all of his jewelry.       


Andy Lucas 

“My practice is in creating ‘once mades’; my term for ‘one off’ or ‘couture’. I choose to make a small amount of work each year maximizing the detail and focus in each piece. Much of my work involves domestic gemstones. The end goal is to honor my materials to the best of my current ability.”                                           


Matt Fischer

“This is my entire world, my dream and my passion.”


Naomi Sarna

“My best carvings come from stones that call to me. They jump into my hands. My carvings as jewels in settings creating wearable art. My jewels are a transition from their natural origins as crystals from the earth. My hands compose their story. To see them in that context is a reunion of spirit, art, and nature.”                     


Derek Katzenbach

Derek Katzenbach is a Maine based metalsmith and Lapidary who primarily makes one of a kind custom jewelry, artwork, and faceted gemstones. He primarily works with American mined gemstones, Maine tourmaline, Montana Sapphire, and Oregon Sunstone.                                                 


Steven Manchini

Ever inspired by science, geometry, and architecture, Steven infuses his background of meticulous laboratory practice and experimentation into his exploratory approach as a bespoke jeweler.                                            


Stephen & Tamberlaine Zeh

“Our jewelry is influenced by basket designs and the craftsmanship of years gone by. A round basket bottom’s radiating weave suggested the sunburst series of earrings and necklaces”


Matt & Lauren Tuggle

Matt and Lauren love to work with oxidized sterling silver and rich golds, with a variety of bright gemstones and diamonds. They believe that the finishes are just as important as the design itself, and incorporate hand engraving, various textures, and high polished areas that produce dynamic, compelling works of art.


Nick Noyes

Working with metal is Nick’s most gratifying form of expression.  When he reflects on what exactly he is engraving into his pieces, he understands that it is greater than any scroll, more intimate than any design could be.                                                                                       


Paula Crevoshay 

“In gemstones we have geography, geology, mineralogy and the physics of light. As a fine artist, Crevoshay finds all of nature, history and human experience are open to her expression, working with the most durable of all materials as her medium.”


Patricia Daunis-Dunning

“Over 40 years ago I began making sculptural pieces, chalice, and bowls. When I began making jewelry, I felt from day one I was making sculptural objects. If I were to do a sculpture for a business, I would go in and research the space and the personality of the business. The same goes for jewelry—it is site-specific art for the body.”


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