About the Museum


The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum showcases our geological history, displays renowned mineral and rock collections, provides educational opportunities for the novice and expert alike, conducts historical and geological research and is a Maine travel destination for residents and visitors.

The MMGM houses the finest collection of Maine minerals and gems. It includes the famous Perham Collection, viewed by generations in a local mineral store that operated for ninety years. The MMGM displays one of the world’s foremost collections of extraterrestrial rocks—meteorites from Mars, the Moon and the Asteroid Belt that teach us about the origins of our Solar System, including the five largest pieces of the Moon on Earth!

Comprising a 15,000 square foot space on three floors, the MMGM was designed by the Paulus Design Group, which counts The Smithsonian among its clients. Nineteen interactive exhibits were fabricated by the firm 1220 Exhibits, which did the work on both the National Football League’s and International Tennis Federation’s Halls of Fame and also counts The Smithsonian as a client.

Fire in the Hole! Maine Feldspar Exhibit

The mission of the MMGM, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is to celebrate the mineralogy of Maine and to enlighten visitors as to the origin of Earth and beyond through dynamic exhibits, educational programming and scientific research—all designed to fire the imagination.  This one-of-a-kind, world-class museum is located a stone’s throw away from the Western Maine mines that once sheltered these mineral treasures.

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