Advisory Council

Dave Aldrich
Founder and CEO, Grab the Torch

Walter Anderson
Retired Maine State Geologist

Jim Chandler

Dennis Creaser
Creaser’s Jewelers

Ulysses S G Dietz
Chief Curator, Newark Museum

Dennis Durgin
Pegmatite Miner, Owner Mt. Marie

Dyk Eusden
Professor of Geology, Bates College

Alexander U  Falster
M.S. Mineralogist & Research Technologist for MMGM

Carl Francis
Ph.D., Mineralogist, Museum Curator for MMGM

Gary Freeman
Pegmatite Miner, Owner Mt. Mica

Aldro French
Keeper of the Lodge

Paul Golas
D.D.S., Collector

Mitchell Golas

Ruthie Grover
Business Owner

Mary Ellen Hern
Museum professional

Glen Holmes
Western Maine Economic Development Council

Stanley R. Howe
Bethel Historical Society, Executive Director Emeritus

Susan Jennings
Executive Director, Maine 4-H Foundation

Brad Jerome
The Bethel Inn

Arlan Jodrey
Former State Representative

Derek Katzenbach
Lapidary Artist

Edward S. Kellogg
Osher Library, USM Portland

Russ Kempton
New England Meteoritical Services

Robert G. Marvinney
Ph.D., Maine State Geologist

Phil McCrillis
Gem cutter, Miner

Henry Minot
Mineral collector

John P. “Jack” Moore
Managing Partner, Harpswell Advisors

Jeff Morrison
Pegmatite Miner, Owner of Havey Mine

Troy Munford
Sunday River

Jim Nizamoff
M.S., Phosphate Mineralogy Specialist

Terri Ottaway
Gemological Institute of America

Frank Perham
Historian and Pegmatite Miner

Jane Perham
Author, Maines Treasure Chest

Darryl Pitt
Curator, The Macovich Collection

Fran Pollitt
Maine Historical Society

Mia Purcell
Western Maine Economic Development Council

Lynn Saxton
Retired Insurance Broker

Bill Schwind
Antique Jeweler

Amy Scott
Bethel Area Non-profit Collaborative

Ryder Scott
Program Director, UofME 4H Center

William Simmons
Professor of Mineralogy, Research Director for MMGM

Joel Speakman
Edward Jones

Ray Sprague
Pegmatite Miner

William .F Stockwell
Fundraising Consultant

Lloyd Sweetser
Northeast Bank

Karen Weber
Professor and Petrologist

Bill White
Norway Savings Bank

Bob Whitmore
Palermo Pegmatite Owner and Miner

Debbie Whitney
Mineral Dealer

John Whitney
Mineral Dealer

Ray Woodman
Mineral Collector

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