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Lithium: Batteries & Beyond

Take a deep dive into the world of lithium and lithium resources.
Lithium plays a major role in moving the global clean energy economy forward, and is at the heart of conversations in Maine and around the world. This special exhibit introduces the element in its most basic form, investigates the many minerals that contain lithium metals, objectively explores current issues (from mining to manufacturing to recycling), and outlines the various everyday products that require lithium to help us live in today’s world.

Visit Lithium: Batteries & Beyond in the Discovery Gallery, free of charge, every day the museum is open.

The Big Find: The Legend Continues

In October of 1972, the largest single discovery of gem-quality tourmaline was found in the hills of Western Maine. To celebrate this dazzling find, the MMGM commissioned 12 artists to create extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces utilizing gemstone from The Big Find. These 12 pieces commemorate the unbelievable nature of the exquisite discovery, and showcase the dynamic beauty of modern-day craft and artistry. The pieces are currently on display in the museum store.

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