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Video Archive

While our doors are closed during the COVID-19 crisis, MMGM’s mission continues.

We have been working hard to bring as much of our video content online as possible, offer new ways to explore the Museum virtually, and continue to showcase the stories of the Mainers who have defined the state’s mineral legacy. Check back in regularly to see what’s new!

Lucky Finds

Unique and accidental discoveries from Maine’s gem mining history.



Meteorites are fragments of natural material that fall to Earth from space. Among the rarest and oldest objects known to exist on Earth, meteorites tell an epic story fundamental to understanding the origin of our solar system.


Oral Histories

By and large museums are tasked to educate and engage the public about a given subject. MMGM wanted the story we tell to come alive, or as we often say, we wanted to “people” our exhibits. We set about on an extensive oral history project in 2012 to chronicle the histories of the people involved in Maine’s mineral legacy so they could tell their own stories. Here’s a selection of those important interviews that shaped our narrative.