Share your enthusiasm for Oxford County, Gems and Minerals, or your love of Meteorites with other interested people. Come volunteer @ MMGM


As a museum volunteer, you can help:

        • Our visitors navigate the exhibits
        • Children discover the world around them
        • School groups get the most out of a visit to the museum
        • Families make memories in Bethel
        • Develop special events
        • Create educational opportunities
        • Reach fundraising goals

In return, you may:

        • Add to your knowledge of local history, geology, mineralogy, and meteorites
        • Meet new and interesting people
        • Connect and ignite learning with a diverse audience
        • Participate in exclusive volunteer-only activities
        • Use exclusive membership and admission offers
        • Join the extended MMGM family

The museum will:

        • Provide you with the resources to thrive in your volunteer role
        • Create a safe workspace for you
        • Ask that you commit to a regular number of volunteer hours


Apply to join us today!

Have a unique talent you can bring to us? A trade certificate? A foreign language?  A track record in fundraising? Be sure to let us know about your superpowers.


Volunteer Sign up

  • We're glad you found us! Let us know how you would like to "dig in" !
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