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Maine Pegmatite Workshop

MMGM and the MP2 Research Team are pleased to invite you to study granitic pegmatites with expert pegmatologists in the heart of western Maine at the Maine Pegmatite Workshop.

The Maine Pegmatite Workshop

September 18-22, 2024.

The Maine Pegmatite Workshop brings participants through a hands-on, comprehensive, and in-depth educational experience. Presenting current information and theories about pegmatite paragenesis, mineralogy, and petrology, the workshop encourages open discussion and one-on-one information exchange with seasoned faculty. Throughout the workshop, participants will be guided from the basics through to the current theories and research, side-by-side with some of the top pegmatologists in the world.

With its abundance of pegmatites, mineral wealth, and the availability of freshly exposed pegmatite quarries and minerals, Maine is an ideal location for the workshop. Over the course of an intensive four-day period, half of the time will be spent in the classroom, and the other half will be out in the field exploring four pegmatite quarries as field examples. There will also be time set aside for your own field collecting at these closed locations.

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