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The Maine Pegmatite Workshop is an annual comprehensive, hands-on, educational approach to current information and theories about pegmatite paragenesis, mineralogy and petrology.

dr skip simmons maine pegmatite workshop faculty

Dr. William "Skip" Simmons

Skip is the Director of the Mineralogy, Petrology and Pegmatology Research Group (MP2) at the MMGM, and emeritus professor of minerology at the University of New Orleans, where he taught mineralogy and petrology for 42 years. He has published over 400 papers, including six books, fifteen book chapters, nine encyclopedia articles, and two patents. He has conducted field research on pegmatites in the US, Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, China, Scandinavia, Zambia, Namibia and Malawi. Skip is a Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America, and the new mineral “Simmonsite” is named in his honor in recognition of his work on granitic pegmatites and their mineralogy.

dr karen webber maine pegmatite workshop faculty

Dr. Karen Webber

Karen is part of the MP2 Research Group at MMGM. Her principal area of research includes the petrogenesis of pegmatites in Oxford County, Maine, crystallization dynamics of pegmatites, and the geology of gem pegmatites. She is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and taught at the University of New Orleans in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences for over 20 years. She is the publisher of Rubellite Press, which recently published the second edition of Pegmatology: Pegmatite Mineralogy, Petrology & Petrogenesis. The phosphate mineral Karenwebberite is named for her.

alexander falster maine pegmatite workshop faculty

Alexander Falster

Alexander, a.k.a. “Owl,” is the Experimental Chemist and Researcher for the William B. Simmons Research Laboratory at MMGM. He specializes in granitic pegmatites and their minerals. Throughout his career, Owl has done extensive research in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Nicaragua, and a number of European countries. He has also collaborated with researchers across the world, contributed to many academic papers, and has a number of new mineral descriptions. From writing and reviewing manuscripts on all things minerals, rocks and meteorites, to consulting with museum visitors on their mineral discoveries, every day is different for Al in MMGM’s lab.

dr encar roda robles maine pegmatite workshop faculty

Dr. Encar Roda-Robles

Encar holds a Ph.D. in geology, is a professor of mineralogy and petrology, and has been researching pegmatitic rocks for 32 years. Encar has contributed to over 100 publications, has written over 110 communications to congresses, and has given talks in Argentina, Portugal, Germany, US, Russia, France, Norway, Morocco, and Spain. She is a guest editor of numerous international minerology publications, has peer-reviewed numerous publications and research projects, and has described the new mineral, “Zavaliaite.”

Dr. Michael Wise

Michael is a mineralogist in the Department of Mineral Sciences at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. His research focuses on the mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of granitic pegmatites to better understand the geological processes responsible for the genesis and evolution of granitic pegmatite melts. Mike has several decades of field-based experience studying pegmatites and has long been active in projects related to the classification of pegmatite types, the regional mineralogical and geochemical patterns of large pegmatite populations, and the exploration of critical minerals associated with pegmatite deposits. In addition to his research program on pegmatites, Mike is also highly active in education and outreach activities and is heavily involved in the management of the Smithsonian’s Mineral and Gem Collections.

Don Dallaire

Don Dallaire was born in Manchester, NH, and has lived in Chester, NH, since 1971. He received a BA from St. Anselm’s college in 1967, and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire in 1970. He had a career in banking for 38 years, retiring in 2008, giving more time to devote to his interest in minerals, which began in 1971. He has specialized in collecting apatite and New Hampshire minerals. His current collection of 5600 catalogued specimens includes approximately 1000 apatites. Don has field collected in New England, New York, Michigan, California, Arizona, and Eastern Canada. He has written several articles for Rocks & Minerals magazine, as well as other publications, and has given many talks to mineral clubs in New England. Don is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum.

The Maine Pegmatite Workshop

September 18-22, 2024.

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