We invite you to become part of a dream like no other ever created in Maine: the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum.

Support our vision by making a One-Time or Recurring Donation.

Your donation supports:

Exhibits of specimens representing most mineral species found in Maine, with electronic touchscreen labels, that will help visitors “dig deep”, an out- of- this -world exhibit featuring meteorites using animation, compelling lighting and storytelling and a two-story interactive diorama designed to teach Maine geology.

Research Facility & Equipment
The research program of the MMGM MP2 (Mineralogy, Petrology, and Pegmatology) is continually involved in the analysis of minerals and rocks and publishes the results in peer-reviewed journals. Tours of the onsite laboratory are available to school groups and other interested visitors.  

The Museum has acquired numerous important mineral collections and will continue to do so as they become available.

Museum Library
Dedicated space for students, scholars and authors to access our vast collection of books, archives, photos, oral histories and artifacts of mining in Maine.

Discovery Gallery
An open storage area provides ongoing public access to more of the Museum’s collection and provide space for community gatherings and lectures. 

A multi-passenger van or minibus to transport visitors to various mines and places of interest.

Education is the core of our mission; our interactive exhibits are based on curriculum standards and will engage visitors of all ages.

An internship program for students seeking advanced degrees will offer housing, access to the research laboratory, and exploration of Maine’s geology. 

Your support will provide sustaining resources for the Museum’s ongoing education programs, research and staff development.



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